Dipperfox SC850 PRO

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Dipperfox Stump Crusher 850 Pro– The Dipperfox Stump Crusher 850 Pro is the most efficient stump removal tool in the world for 14-30t excavators. This vertical stump grinder is multiple times quicker when compared with other stump removal methods used today.

A key part of its impressive performance is a patented gear changing mechanism which converts revolving speed into torque. This is dependent on the hardness of the stump. The Dipperfox is also the only attachment in its class with bolt on consumables such as cutting blades and central screw.

The 850 Pro Model is a tool for professional users to remove large volumes of stumps. The speed in which this tool performs as well as being more ecologically friendly makes it extremely advantageous for customers when compared to digging out stumps.

Requirements for excavators:
Minimum power: 74 kW (100hp)
Pressure: 3455-5076 psi
Hydraulic flow: 29-61 gpm
Weight: 14 – 30 tons