Dipperfox Cone Splitter

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DIPPERFOX Cone Splitter

Dipperfox Cone Splitter is an attachment that turns your world’s most effective stump crusher into the world’s most effective cone splitter in just within 15 minutes. As there are 4 parallel edges in our splitting cone with a massive 1.2 “ thread pitch. This means that each revolution goes as deep as 6” into the tree trunk. The tip of the cone splitter is made from Toolox 44. It is a pre-hardened steel for extrusion dies and engineering components, produced by SSAB. Its hardness (HBW) is 410-475 which is the same as wear resistant steel Hardox 450. The tip is also replaceable.


The Dipperfox Cone Splitter Attachment come in three (3) different models