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Warranty Registration & Claim forms


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Warranty Claims -


Our Manufacturers limits their warranty to the hydraulic motor, gearbox, bearing housing and cylinders for a period of one (1) year from the original date of sale.  A one-two (1-2) year warranty is included on the structural steel from the date of sale.   PROLINE ATTACHMENT Earth Augers five (5) year warranty on mechanical parts.


A Warranty Registration Form for this equipment must be on file within thirty (30) days of the purchase date in order for warranty claims to be valid.


If a defect in a Cross-Tech Manufacturing product is discovered during the applicable warranty period, Cross-Tech will repair or replace, at its option the motor, gearbox or defective part. Cross-Tech Manufacturing, Inc. purchased components are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty.


Equipment owners are responsible for proper maintenance. If the product is not maintained, all warranties by Manufacturers will be null and void. Any modification to the product other than those made by Manufacturers will cause these warranties to be void; including any modification or disassembly of motors, gearbox, bearing housing, cylinders, etc.


This warranty does not extend to repairs, adjustments, or replacement of a Manufacturers product or part that results from misuse, negligence, alteration, modification tampering, improper maintenance or improper operation of the product.  Claims submitted must be legible and in good condition.  All parties do not cover service mileage, downtime or replacement of the attachments.


If a problem arises during the warranty period contact your local dealer or Abra Equipment Supply.   The warranty is null and void if the product is modified or repaired without written consent from Manufacturers.


Cross-Tech units used in rental fleets are covered with a ninety (90) day warranty on the hydraulic motor, gearbox, bearing housing, cylinders and structural steel with a valid warranty registration on file within thirty (30) days of the purchase date.

To file a warranty claim, please contact your dealer, Abra Equipment Supply, or for Brush Wolf products contact Cross-Tech Manufacturing.


-Brush Wolf Products- Click the link and Fill out the information on the http://www.brushwolf.com/warranty/ page for warranty claims.


-PROLINE ATTACHMENT- Fill out the information in the form below for warranty claims and submit the form.


Product Warranty Registration -


Please complete the form below to register your product.


A Warranty Registration Form for this equipment must be on file within thirty (30) days of the purchase date in order for warranty claims to be valid.

Attachment Returns -


Return's Must be as New with All Freight Cost the responsibility of the Buyer & subject to a 20% Restocking Fee.